Apply for Housing

Multi-Family PBRA RAD Units and Locally Owned Units
These units are subsidized. The monthly rent amount is based on your income.
There are 3 Properties you may choose to apply for:
Northside Apartments-Americus East Side Apartments-Americus Scattered Site -Andersonville, Plains, & Leslie
All Bedroom size waiting lists will open on -line September 6, 2023. LOCALLY OWNED
These are units we own privately and do NOT have rent subsidy attached to them. You will be responsible for your own rent and utilities.

This waiting list is open for paper applications.
You may pick them up in the office during business hours.

To apply for Section 8 / HCV click here: Apply for Section 8

Northside Apartments (Americus): Open
Eastside Apartments (Americus): Open
Scattered Sites (Andersonville, Plains, & Leslie): Open
Locally Owned Housing - Non Subsidized: Closed
This is the Multi-Family PBRA RAD Online Application ONLY. To apply for Section 8 / HCV click here: Apply for Section 8

The Housing Choice Voucher Program Waiting List is closed. Click here to apply for Section 8 / HCV

The RAD Waiting Lists for all bedroom sizes 1-5 will be open on-line September 6, 2023, until enough applications are received on its waiting list to take 24 months to assist. Until then, you may pick up a paper application for Bedroom sizes 2-5 for all 3 RAD Waiting Lists at the office.

To start your application for housing, click the Start Application button.